CME Opportunities

MissionCMEcuador provides a unique CME experience. Approximately 40 credit hours are available during the one-week program! While all specialities are welcome to participate, the current accreditation is relevant to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). So, physicians from other specialities will need to check with their respective governing body to see if the credits will transfer. Through the AAFP, these types of credit are available during the program: AMA Category 1, Teaching Credits, and Credits for Professional Enrichment.

The first type of credit is AMA Category 1 Credit. It is estimated that there will be between 8-10 credit hours in this classification. These presentations will be given in lecture format both before and during the trip. Topics may vary with each trip, but general themes will include:

  • Medical Spanish – Basic Vocabulary and Resources for Further Study
  • Physician Burnout and Strategies to Move Toward Physician Well-Being
  • The Pre-Travel Consultation – Practical Advice for Your Patients
  • Identification and Management of In-Flight Emergencies
  • High Altitude Medicine (Both Quito and Otavalo are more than 8,000 feet above sea-level)
  • An Overview of the Ecuadorian Medical System
  • Common Medical Diseases in Ecuador
  • Parasites: Types and Treatment
  • A Two Part Series: The Role of the “Shaman” in Ecuadorian Medicine with a Demonstration of a Medicinal Garden and Treatment Sanctuary

The second type of CME credit is optional and falls into the category of teaching. The AAFP allows up to 60 teaching credits in each three year cycle. It is estimated that each USA participant will have the opportunity to gain up to 32 hours of teaching credit during this one-week program. MissionCMEcuador has partnered with the Universidad Tecnica del North Medical School. This medical school is pleased to incorporate the MissionCMEcuador program into their formal curriculum. The model has been proven effective in other medical brigades. It involves one medical student being paired with each USA physician for the duration of the four clinic days. The students will observe and “shadow” the USA physician in the clinic and participate in patient care when appropriate.

In one medical brigade using this model, the MissionCMEcuador Medical Director was told by a medical student “I learned more from you in 4 days than I did in four years of medical school.” Participating in this unique experience can truly shape the next generation of Ecuadorian physicians!

The third category of CME Credit is designated by the AAFP as Professional Enrichment. This credit is also optional and will involve case discussions with your peers.