“This is a truly unique CME experience where I learned more than I ever could have hoped to! As a mid career family physician, this was a great way to get back to the basics of our field, explore a beautiful country, work with a fantastic team of people, and learn about different ways medicine is practiced in different parts of the world.  The organizers of the trip have thought of everything in terms of logistics and planning and provide great cultural experiences blended in with the medical side of the trip.”

— Jessica Bailey, MD
June 2022 Trip Participant

“We were met at the airport and the accommodations and transportation for the whole trip was seamless from beginning to end. Working in the health centers and doing community visits was a great way to begin to understand the public health care system in Ecuador. It was wonderful to work with medical students and the doctors. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The best part of the trip is getting to know the Ecuadorian people. They are kind and welcoming.

I highly recommend this experience for anyone interested in medicine in another culture and learning about health care, medical education and the wonderful people of Ecuador while getting CME and a great trip at the same time!”

— Heather McRee, DO
June 2022 Trip Participant

“Going to Ecuador was a great experience! I enjoyed getting to know other medical providers who want to understand global health and the health barriers felt outside of the USA. It made me very appreciative of the resources and training that I have within the States, but also helps me to understand the needs outside my bubble.

Working with medical students and not having access to the typical tools (labs, medications, specialty referrals, etc) that I depend on, helped me hone on my clinical exam and history skills. The opportunity to work with medical students was a very special part of the trip as I was able to explain to many of them my role as a family physician, and encouraged many of them to focus on primary care. All expressed gratitude on the opportunity to get hands on experience and understand the value of educating patients and support staff.

I had the opportunity to spend mulitple days doing home visits in the community and the hospitality of the community was exhilerating as we had the opportunity to serve the patients and see their barriers to care and point out the strengths of their situation to help take ownership of their health. The country is beautiful and I enjoyed spending time working outside my usual cubicle.

I would recommend this to any provider who needs a perspective change as it helped give me a new appreciation for the work I do as a primary care physician.”

— Benjamin Feijóo, MD
June 2022 Trip Participant

“This was a wonderful experience! I fully enjoyed walking through the Otavalo community and making guided housecalls. The local patients were joyful and appreciative of the visits! I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to remember their Love for Humanity and the Joys of Medicine.”

— Jacqueline Woodrum, DO
June 2022 Trip Participant